re:sin is a sophisticated, hand-made jewelry incarnated as eyewear and adornments. They are composed of gold and unique, the most desirable in the fashion world, Baltic amber, known as Baltic Gold. This extraordinary resin was shaped by 40 million years, for which the gold is merely a complement, is the essence of timeless elegance. It's not a sin to re:sin. |

re:sin eyewear is handmade eyewear jewelry. Each of the 82 amber pieces which is decorating eyewear, has individual features, so that throughout the world there is no other identical pair.  Each model is produced in small series with engraved individual identification.  The round shape and 14k gold complement the timeless form.  It's not a sin to re: sin. 

re:sin jewelry is hand made adornments. Amber - Baltic Gold - is framed by master goldsmiths in order to emphasize the unique shape of each necklace.  Hypnotizing the glow of gold, perfectly match with 40 million years of resin history. It's not a sin to re:sin.



The brand is available only in our boutique in DM Klif.


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