Mini Spa Home Set – Purifying ritual

Does your skin need quick and spectacular effect? This home SPA set is perfect for you!

Set contains:
1. cleansing and moisturizing mask Menard Beauness Mask SPA Mask (1 piece)
2. peeling Menard Herb Mask (9ml)
3. massage cream Menard Saranari Refresh Massage (8ml)
4. toner Menard Tsukika Lotion Moist (10ml)

And one FREE sample of washing foam Menard Saranari Washing (7,4ml)

MENARD Beauness SPA Mask
Generously soaked with Beauness lotion, the mask increases the effectiveness of the lotion, making the skin less likely to become rough or pimply while softly moisturizing the epidermis.

MENARD Herb Mask
A creamy facial mask that gently exfoliates old skin cells and leaves the skin clear and smooth.

MENARD Saranari Refresh Massage
A velvety textured massage cream that also can be used as a cleansing cream. Massages and cleanses the skin while restoring moisture, and leaves the skin plumper and elastic.

MENARD Tsukika Lotion Moist
A lotion that penetrates deep into the skin. It helps to retain moisture and soften skin.



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