WILGERMAIN More is More EDP 100ml

"I am absolute fan, in fact, a lover, of Caravaggio's paintings. Few other painters stimulate my imagination like his dark and dramatic compositions. Standing in front of his work, I sometimes ask myself: if this painting would be a perfume, how would it smell? Maybe imperfectly, this is a scented portrait of what I have in mind when I admire a Caravaggio. 

An ominous chiaroscuro, light and darkness in an echo, two opposing strengths creating both a contrast and a harmony,  feminine and masculine dancing with each other to the beat of a drum or the soft crackle of embers. The odor AND the image of black paint dripping on a canvas and at the same time, the faceted shine of a diamond "parure" worn over a black leather garment. This perfume is a real tour de force"

Dark and enlightened at the same time, this stunning perfume plays with contrasts like no other: a fragrant chiaroscuro, both enigmatic and elegant, glistening and somber at the same time, like a hide of the softest and shiniest  black leather.

Top notes: Clary sage "enriched" essence France *, Davana essence India, Osmanthus absolute China
Heart notes: Rose water extract Bulgaria *, Genet (broom flower) absolute Italy, Black leather accord
Base notes: Ambrette seed absolute Martinique, Vetiver Coeur essence *, Patchouli Coeur essence *

Olfactory group: chypre-leathery

Nose: Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Creation date: 2020


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