Unifying with a Hydrating Cream 01 Light Pearl 30ml

Tinted total care. This velvety cream combines stimulating White Lupine botanical extracts with pigments to act on the complexion and bring an instantaneous beauty boost. The double hydrating complex and triple DNA ensure optimal comfort throughout the day. The skin is smooth. The complexion is uniform and the radiance is perfectly restored.

Usage: Apply in the morning after exfoliating the skin with Reviving with a Biological Scrub. Comes in three hues: light pearl, beige nude and deep honey – to be used separately or mixed for personalized results:
• Light pearl – The velvet like transparency of absolute purity,
• Beige nude – Sensuality with a touch of sophistication and a matt finish,
• Deep honey – The luxury and glamour of a velvety honey complexion.
For a satin and sophisticated effect, mix light pearl with beige nude in the palm of your hands. After application, the complexion is illuminated and becomes more transparent. For an attractive golden honey complexion, mix light pearl with deep honey in the palm of your hands. After application, the complexion becomes more radiant and luminous. For anti-fatigue action, after applying beige nude or deep honey, illuminate your complexion by adding a touch of light pearl on problem areas with the tip of your fingers: at the center of the forehead, under the eyebrows, above the cheekbones with smoothing motions towards the outer corner of the eye and on the chin.



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