Anti-aging to the 5th  power!

In its insatiable quest for innovation, the Swiss anti-aging expert has created AWF5, a dual-line solution to fight the most visible signs of aging with absolute precision.

A.W.F… These three letters stand for Magicien du Temps’s new Anti-wrinkle and Firmness concept : a product range offering effectiveness to the 5th power thanks to an exclusive complex of 5 active ingredients targeting 5 key factors in the dermis.

Concentrated synergy
Youth may be reflected on the epidermis, but it springs from the dermis itself.
With age, wrinkles appear. The skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity as a result of the deterioration of macromolecules in the dermis. These macromolecules make up the extracellular matrix, a gel containing collagen and elastin fibers as well as other molecules such as glycosaminoglycans, which serve to retain water in the dermis.

The AWF5 Complex
AWF5 brings together five cutting-edge ingredients that target five key factors in the extracellular matrix of the dermis.

By targeting all components in the skin’s architecture, the AWF5 Complex strengthens the cutaneous structures that give the face its smooth and full appearance.
With iconic molecules in the world of dermo-cosmetics and the latest technological innovations, Valmont’s AWF5 Complex stands out as a feat of formulation in stunning concentrations...

5 ingredients - 5 factors:
- Vitamin C - antioxidant, protects skin structures
- Fibro-boost - elasticity and firmness coach, boosts production of collagen I, collagen III and elastin
- GAG booster - matrix plumping, boosts GAG production by providing elements indispensable for development of glycosaminoglycans
- Densi-Derm - matrix regeneration, ensures proper cohesion between fibers and the ground substance
- Peptide cocktail - wrinkle eliminator, stimulates renewal of the extracellular matrix and cell proliferation

2 complementary collections
2 targeted actions

The V-LINE LIFTING line targets wrinkles, smoothing and rejuvenating the face.

The V-SHAPE FILLING line restores lost density for firmer and more toned skin.

V like the contours of a perfect face, V as in Victory over aging, V as in Valmont…

Both lines comprise a serum, cream and eye treatment. The two can be used separately or combined as necessary: an effective response to the skin’s every need.



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