THoO Klem Garden Collection: Empathy EDP 75ml

Empathy pays tribute to the nobility of soul of those of us who – in friendship as in love – give ourselves without reservation. In a world dominated by the emptiness of words and increasingly devoid of real presence, Empathy is a reset: it is a chance to settle down and listen to another’s soul, making a gift of our emotive attention. The result is a new awareness, as delicate and profound as the composition. The sweet notes of pear blossom in the head, inflamed by an infusion of raspberry, open up to a heart whose fruity hints of tobacco leaf win you over. What makes the woody, mossy finale even more refined is an elusive touch of scorched wood.

Empathy is the storytelling of an istant. Intimate snap-shot.

Top notes: Pear Blossom, Raspberry flowers, Indian Davana
Heart notes: Fruity tobacco, Infusion of raspberry
Base notes: Scorched wood, Trasparent musk, Benzoin, Silver fir, Irian Oud

Olfactory group: fruity

Creation date: 2017


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