THE HOUSE OF OUD Keep Glazed EDP 75ml

"I can resist anything, except temptation"
(O. Wilde)

Dose, add, decorate, glaze, colour, taste, blend…
A vortical rotation of gestures, a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours that make us fond, stimulate our fantasy and taste buds: THoO for the new, fifth fragrance, chooses the Patisserie and senses merge in a delicious and unforgettable journey.

Keep Glazed, fragrance of THoO’s new olfactory division, was born in collaboration with Ksenia Penkina, renowned Canadian Patisserie, characterized by rigorous and high manual skills and the histrionic founder of the brand, Andrea Casotti. “The perfect recipe? Method, sensitivity and attention to the ingredients", Andrea Casotti believes that there are many similarities between the two spheres, each Confectioner guards the secrets of his recipes as any master Perfumer; both turn olfactory suggestions into mind sensations. The scent of a pastry that reminds of childhood, the amarcord linked to exciting moments stirred by indelible olfactory traces.

The fifth fragrance inebriates us of the bold and delicious scent of tropical fruit, through ingredients like Mango, Coconut, Ginger and Lemon. Thanks to Ksenia Penkina’s inspirations, skillfully interpreted by Andrea Casotti and synthesized by the creative genius of Cristian Calabro, we will be able to experience a sweet summer tasting in preview, a temptation for the palate and nose, we will thus wish to extend the intimate moment to try a “patisserie” fragrance. A lively and solar scent, enclosed in the iconic hand-painted bottle, that suggests with its soft colours and original tones, a fresh olfactory texture with lively notes and irresistible ingredients.

Ksenia summarizes this new experience in view of the Esxence The Scent of Excellence: “Have you ever heard of this idea before? I haven’t and it makes it live, modern and refreshing! Patisserie & Perfume coming together in exquisite collaboration. Beyond my excitement to be a part of merging two respected worlds and visions into one, creating even more meaningful product of a sweet & scented blend. Creating this collection with THoO is a fresh breath to me and my Art, presenting the world of tomorrow for both of us.”

The olfactory pyramid of Keep Glazed opens us with the perfect union of ice lemon and juicy mango, enveloped by a heart of cream and coconut, crunchy thanks to a delicious ginger crumble. The composition ends with a note of fruity musk and precious woods.

Top notes: Frozen Lemon, Mango, Strawberry Leaf
Heart notes: Chantilly Cream, Coconut Rapé, Ginger Crumble
Base notes: Fruity Musk, Precious Woods

Olfactory group: soft oriental

Nose: Andrea Casotti, Cristian Calabrò

Creation date: 2019


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