T. LECLERC Anti-age Face Primer

Simply perfect

Time has no hold on the chic... And this anti-ageing foundation is already a must-have for them. This sleek jar hides a light and transparent cream gel with a silky finish that smooths and evens out the complexion to prepare for, enhance, and set make-up.
This unique, lightly-scented foundation is suitable for all skin tones and for normal to dry skin. With a water and silicone base, it contains an anti-ageing ingredient that soothes and softens.
Already a collectible, it is applied with a spatula from the inside toward the outside of the face, after day cream and before foundation. A delicate and feminine beauty ritual.

Some advice from Eduardo:
“The foundation should be applied to the entire face, while also focusing on problem areas to fill in. For example, you might apply more to the cheekbones, where there may be crow’s feet, the nasolabial fold, the sides of the nose, and the outline of the mouth.”



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