T. LECLERC Mini nail polish collection Boudoir à Ongles

"This boudoir celebrates the nails. From nail care to colour and from traditional to the unexpected, a complete routine for a perfect manicure. Among our new additions are mini-bottles that look like tubes of lipstick and an irresistible palette of varnish. This collection of summer pastels is inspired by the colours of T. LeClerc powders. Tilleul, Banane, Orchidée... we have reinterpreted our very DNA. Be a T. LeClerc woman to the tips of your fingers and change your nail enamel to suit your mood... What an amazing way to add beauty to your spring and summer!"
- Eduardo Rodriguez, Artistic Director T. LeClerc

Nail Enamel
These new limited edition shades will brighten your spring and summer! Azur, Banane, Chair ocrée, Lavande, Orchidée, Parme, Songe, Suédine, Tilleul and Violine... This parade of soft, bright and intense colours is inspired by the colour range of T. LeClerc's legendary powders. A brilliant, long-lasting collection for all nails. Try also a palette of twelve other high gloss, long-lasting shades: Nacre, Beige Ivoire, Guimauve, Peche Mango, Sorbet Cassis, Rouge Teophile, Royal, Cerise Noire, Peche Melba, Framboise, Bois Glace and Rose des Sables for all styles and all nails.

Some advice from Eduardo:
"This collection is perfect for keeping up with trends. Create a daring look by mixing colours and applying a different shade to the nail of your little finger."



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