Aram, Aram blows...
When the Stones are Light
On an Earth
World that has withered their Souls
And in the Silence of the Profoud Healing
Think... Bandage the body, and the renewed mind

Aram, Aram Kepha...
Today the words are Silence
Time makes itself Known to the shadows of ilusion
A Breeze goes by, Ethernal Wake, Unique
and Light comes

Aram, Aram blows...
Hope in our Hearts, Supreme Eye
Sprout since Time immemorial, Ethernal Rose
Present new to the Mind, Truth
A Breeze comes

Aram, Aram...
Consciousness as a Full Moon
In the Flesh and the Blood Infinitely
Vibrating Peace on Earth as in the Heavens
Providence Smile spreads

Aram, Aram blows...
A Healing Perfume, Water stream endlessly
The Illusion passes away, Heavens and Earth combine
Leave our souls, the Awakening within ourselves
Victorious, is written

Aram, Aram Light...
Remembrance of Naaman, Grace from one to another
Healed World, Alone, Deed from the Breeze that is
"Goddess", benevolent Spiral Stars, Two, All, Other
Fish, Dove, Fortune from the God House

Aram, Aram blows...
Sun and Moon enlighten with the same Strength
Born Love, Unadorned Man, New Earth
Initial, Pure Alliances of Essences
When the Stones are Light... He is He

When the Stones are Light

Top notes: grapefruit, elemi, olibanum, artemisia, cistus
Heart notes: Green tea, Damask rose, Gum Ammoniac incense, cassie, tobacco
Base notes: cedar wood, balms (benzoin, myrrh, olibanum), vetiver

Olfactory group: aromatic

Nose: Olivier Durbano

Creation date: 2020


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