OLFACTIVE STUDIO Violet Shot extrait de parfum 100ml

This second Sepia trilogy is dedicated to flower and is, in a way, a first for Olfactive Studio since up to this point, we had a strong preference for woody and spicy notes. The trilogy is a revelation; an unprecedented event that deserves a celebration with a floral bouquet.

The rose, iris and violet notes showcased in each Extrait are classics in perfumery, and Dominique Ropion has succeeded in reinventing them and expressing the incredible richness of these classic ingredients. He is the root of iris in Iris Shot when a violet "leaf" note casts its magic spell in Violet Shot. The petals of rose show off their bewitching ability in Rose Shot.

Olfactive Studio engaged this true lover and master of flowers to, once again, declare his love for them: a commitment that is like a renewed pledge of trust stemming from a collaboration with Céline Verleure 24 years ago on a Kenzo perfume. That bond has never withered and neither have Roberto Greco's flowers, those eternal objects of beauty that captivate and magnetize the eye. This cast of timeless and eternally-blooming fresh flowers was made especially for the trilogy that inspired the perfumer's vision.

Roberto Greco approaches each flower like a leading lady, just like he lights a face or a body. He has a connoisseur's love for them; he is intimately familiar with their gracefulness, their strength and delicateness and knows how to showcase them without ever betraying their identity: light is their sole cue. Roberto Greco restores the subtle delicateness of corolla, the hem of a petal, the drape of a leaf or the regal lines of a stem with incredible precision. The colors of rose, iris, and violet resonate with each other. With Roberto Greco, vibrant nature and its perfect emotion are wholly present and within sight.

Elegant and woody, violet shows off all of its facets in Violet Shot. The fresh scent of cut grass meets the sparkling notes of mandarin and rose. Violet leaf reveals its true self, accompanied by the leathery notes of safraleine.
Indonesian patchouli gives texture to the rich scent of vanilla bean and labdanum as they reveal their sensual facets.

Top Notes: Calabrian Mandarin, Madagascar Pink Pepper, Cut Grass Accord
Heart Notes: Egyptian Violet Leaf Absolute, Safraleine
Base Notes: Indonesian Patchouli, Spanish Labdanum, Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Olfactory group: soft oriental

Nose: Dominique Ropion

Creation date: 2019


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