OLFACTIVE STUDIO Dancing Light EDP 100ml


Veils of light that start dancing in the company of the stars; a hypnotic choreography for an unrivaled emotion. An aurora borealis; an inaugural pyrotechnics show.

This extraordinary natural phenomenon inspired the creation of Olfactive Studio’s new fragrance Dancing Light. To celebrate these luminous waves with emerald hues that twirl in the air, natural materials are given pride of place: jasmine, neroli, freesia, sandalwood, cedar, and cardamom.

The tangible presence of the world and its botanical and floral authenticity was needed to echo this spontaneous manifestation. A link between heaven and earth.

The photograph that adorns the bottle case was taken by Norwegian artist Frøydis Dalheim. She has made the northern landscapes her friends; her very own theater, in which she can also be featured as a spectator eternally in awe. She is a photographer but also a singer. Does her voice patiently summon this nocturnal wonder? Revelation happens right before her lens. The stage curtain has changed from red to green. The show can begin.

Dancing Light appears in a pristine breath of snow-colored flowers. Almost icy. The presence of notes of mint and pine needles, the great companions of the Great North, emphasizes the aura of lively and green freshness bolstered by the delicate bouquet and warmed by cedar and sandalwood.

For in the land of cold, a welcome burst of warmth is needed; for the aurora borealis, a hearth amongst the stars, creates a unique scent. The scent of Dancing Light.

Lively and full of contrasts, Dancing Light is a reflection of the northern lights that inspired it. Icy Mint and Siberian pine needles bring a breath of coolness, then a bouquet of bright white flowers (Jasmine, Neroli, Seringa…) dances in the middle, warmed by sandalwood.

Sidonie is Parisian but her calling came during a summer internship with Robertet in Grasse. She became a perfumer in 2006 under the mentorship of Michel Amairac. He instilled in her his knowledge and a taste for short and modern formulas in which each raw material has a purpose.

She likes unrefined materials and sometimes dark ones like patchouli or papyrus, as well as animal notes with stronger amber tones like labdanum. In her own words, «I love their raw and noble side; toning them down while preserving their personality is an interesting process.» Thanks to Robertet, she can work with the most noble natural raw materials.

As a perfumer, she finds inspiration in all the things around her: a glass of wine, the smell of cigar, or even, the atmosphere of a book...

Frøydis Dalheim is a singer and photographer from Norway’s wild arctic region North Norway. She likes to express herself through various artistic avenues (or mediums) and finds connections between them. For her, it’s all about communication, and she feels deeply rewarded when her photos and songs resonate with each other.

Taking pictures of the northern lights or the midnight sun from a mountain peak is what she loves most. She likes to go the extra mile to achieve those spectacular shots. She mainly takes pictures of the areas around her home in Balsfjord in northern Norway. Her pictures are featured in several magazines and newspapers.

Top notes: Icy Mint, Cardamom, Fig Milk, Pink Pepper, Pine Needles
Heart notes: Jasmine, Neroli, Seringa accord, Freesia, Lavandin
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musks, Mosses

Olfactory group: aromatic

Nose: Sidonie Lancesseur

Creation date: 2022


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