OLFACTIVE STUDIO Chypre Shot extrait de parfum 100ml

Olfactive Studio is an encounter between artistic photography and perfumery; between the eye and the nose. This is the first time ever that perfumers have teamed up with photographers to draw inspiration from their oeuvres. They sense the images to capture their essence. Photography and perfume capture the moment and rekindle the memory of past experiences. Olfactive Studio has designed an exceptional olfactory world with a powerful and distinctive personality; a world designed for women, men, and all others. Perfumes are angels; they have no gender, but they have a soul.

SEPIA, Olfactive Studio’s new collection is born. The fragrance is an inaugural trilogy of Extrait de Parfum created in collaboration with Bertrand Duchaufour - the perfumer behind Woody Mood -, and English-born environmental artist, sculptor and photographer, Martin Hill, author of the photographs that inspired each Extrait de Parfum.

At first glance, the bottle is what distinguished this budding collection. While it still boasts the Studio’s distinctive line and sculpted wave, it is wrapped in a leather sheath that dons a sienna earth color. The cap is in a copper-toned ocher color like the metal plate mounted below the neck. The color scheme is reminiscent of the sepia tones from ancient photographs that we cherish like memories. The leather, a noble, soft and warm material, is the first hint as to the spirit of the composition: precious, elegant, and revealing an exclusive material whose concentration and treatment place it in the class of “Haute Parfumerie”.

In the Sepia collection, each Extrait de Parfum – Vanilla Shot, Leather Shot, and Chypre Shot, starts with a note or an accord of raw material, showcasing Vanilla, Leather and a Chypre accord, respectively.

The shot is at once sensory and photographic; a single powerful shot taken at the perfect moment. His three Extrait de Parfum are designed like powerful and striking apparitions and the associated photo¬graphs help to extend this feel of gracefulness.

Three Land Art landscapes designed and photographed by Martin Hill emerge. Martin Hill lives and works in New Zealand where, since 1992, he has been giving a dream-like and creative dimension to the expressions of nature. Much in the same manner, using an ingredient or an accord, Bertrand Duchaufour reveals his ability to transform and reinvent.
Photography and fragrance echo and enhance each other. In Vanilla Shot, an arch made with dry stems of Raupo connected by floating flax threads above the Wanaka Lake in New Zealand evokes the slender and elongated shape of vanilla beans: A composition that bespeaks extreme balance and tension.

Leather Shot is inspired by a pristine picture of dark brown sand whose grain evokes leather: a sign that emerges on the surface of earth and water like a small stream that merges with the ocean on the West coast of New Zealand’s North Island; a captivating presence for a powerful yet subtle fragrance.

Chypre Shot starts with a rich and mysterious chypre accord. Set on a bed of moss on Mount Taranaki – a nod to the fragrance’s oakmoss heart note - a circle of small volcanic rocks triggers a chromatic event between the green landscape and the overhead haze.

In all, three shots that reveal the aura of materials. A second SEPIA opus will be out next year. This time, the fragrance is a floral triptych born out of two different olfactory and visual realms.

Dark and primal, Chypre Shot boasts a powerful and original chypre accord with a revisited accord of oakmoss amidst a playful association of notes of patchouli, peony, black pepper, and coffee.

Top notes: cardamom, saffron, bergamot
Heart notes: peony, black pepper, coffee, black tea
Base notes: oakmoss, patchouli, labdanum, amber

Olfactory group: chypre

Nose: Bertrand Duchaufour

Creation date: 2019


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