NEBU Amore Vivace Satin Matte Lipstick

AMORE VIVACE - SATIN MATTE Formula with high coverage

· Extremely long wear
· Matt and pleasant touch
· No feathering and no bleeding
· Impalpable and weightless film
· Uniform effect and easy application
· Finest texture light and velvety
· Emollient film
· Totally comfortable

A creamy lipstick, so light that it seems almost “virtual”. The real plus of this formulations stays into its anhydrous jellified formulistic structure: a “jellified network” that traps oils releasing them sapiently. The final result is a new futurist texture that assure three special effects:
- soft touch for velvety lips
- soft coverage for smooth lips
- soft feel for an impeccable result

Dermatological tested.
Free from preservative

· Vitamin E for for anti-free radical proprieties
· nourishing, restoring and soothing properties
· Seed oil (Castor), for skin conditioning, smoothing, regenerating, restoring and softening effect



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