NEBU Amore Vivace Luminous Cream Lipstick

AMORE VIVACE - LUMINOUS CREAM Formula with amplified radiance

· Soft, creamy and rich film
· “Cushy effect” on lips
· Sophisticated luminosity
· High color impact
· Extreme exalting of the color purity
· No feathering and no bleeding
· Deep moisture, emollient and softening action extended over time
· Comfort at the top
· Very Good lasting: 4h (internal panel test)

A product of excellence for an unexpected sensorial experience: a rich, creamy and voluptuous lipstick that gives a pleasant “cushy effect” to lips dressing them with a delicate, wet and sophisticated brightness. This precious texture exalts continuously the color purity, its intensity and luminosity guaranteeing at the same time an over time extended emollient, nourishing and softening action thanks to the presence of an innovative and special oil. Lips perfectly drawn and colored with a full, vibrant and
bright color that also nourishes, for a full action make-up result (immediate moisturizing action tested).

Dermatological tested.
Free from preservative

· Jojoba oil, with nourishing, restoring and soothing properties
· Almond oil, with emollient and regenerating action
· Sweet almond butter, with emollient, regenerating, restoring and softening effect



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