NASOMATTO China White Perfume 30ml

China White embodies the emotional evolution of The Nose.

This fragrance is a sentimental journey. It captures a feeling when one can be the weakest and at the same time the strongest. The inner fragility that makes one strong.

A feeling when one is in love with someone he cannot be with, a feeling when everything depends on the beloved one. Being deeply loved by someone special gives us the strength to conquer the world, while loving someone sincerely gives us the courage to risk it all.

Like a piece of treasured porcelain, this fragrance aims to reveal the strength of fragility. This is a scent that combines the most fragile and costly mixture of precious white flowers with long-lasting woods that are turned into a refined chypre scent. A scent that has no gender, that opens into a beautiful and mindful harmony. China White is one of the longest and most complicated formulas The Nose has ever created.

This scent reveals an opposing view that the weakest are also the strongest. China White fragrance contains an amount of chlorophyll that might change the color of the fragrance liquid if kept in the daylight for a long time.

The Cap of The Bottle is made out of crackle glaze ceramic. The crackles symbolize the fragility and the heaviness of the ceramic’s strength. This is the heaviest cap in the whole collection, but also the most delicate one.

Olfactory group: chypre

Nose: Alessandro Gualtieri

Creation date: 2008


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