NASOMATTO Blamage perfume 30ml

Blamage is an unwise and unfortunate creation caused by bad judgement and care. This fragrance captures the unmet expectations, the failure and the acceptance of the failure. This is a scent that reveals the beauty of making mistakes, the acknowledgement and the moving on. You are what you are. This is a quest towards recognizing your instincts, your values, your decisions and actions. The cancellation process of the craving to become perfect.

To create Blamage, The Nose picked blindly the ingredients to compile the base of the fragrance formula. It was a challenge and a mistake from a start. Blamage captures the process of self-acceptance, the freedom gained after the acknowledgement. It is about the renewal of one’s mindset. The mistakes we make are the keys to open the doors of progress and creativity. Sometimes, the greatest artworks happen always by a mistake. A failure might serve as an essential factor while creating a successful masterpiece.

The Cap of The Bottle is made out of hazelwood lacquered in white. Please note that the form and the size of the caps may differ, signifying the imperfections and uniqueness of nature. The woods go through the cutting process in the winter, after which the timber is brushed and the primer is applied. Afterwards, several white and transparent lacquer layers are applied to perfect the imperfect piece of nature.

The box of Blamage is realized in a completely mistaken color choice and amateur digital handwriting of the The Nose.

Olfactory group: woody

Nose: Alessandro Gualtieri

Creation date: 2014


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