MENARD TK Skincare

TK - Hydrating and soothing, smoothly moisturizing skincare

The key to having a smooth skin that is pretty to the eye and comfortable to the touch is "texture". SKin texture refers to the fine grid on the skin, which technically consist of mesh-like microscopic grooves called "Sulcus cutis" running over the skin, and diamond shaled or triangular ridges "Crista cutis" that are surrounded by the "Culcus cutis". Skin texture is considered to be ecellent when the "Crista cutis" are small in size, uniformly triangular, look plum and are well-demarcated. This condition is known as "fine textured". Fine textured skin looks like a sheet of gauze which due to scattering or light, results in a smooth skin that is beautiful to the eye, and soft to the touch.

TK focused on enhancing "the moisturizing power" or the skin's ability to hold fresh moisture, to condidion the skin's texture and lead to a soft, smooth touch.



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