MENARD Saranari Refresh Massage 150g

Massage cream for firm, moist skin. Can also be used as a cleansing cream.
Can be washed off or wiped off.

As a massage cream: gives fingers just the right amount of viscosity for a massage that’s effective on skin.
As a cleansing cream: cream melts and blends swiftly with makeup, washing it away cleanly and leaving skin dewy.

In the Pillow Book by female writer Sei Shonagon, written during Japan’s Heian Period approximately 1,000 years ago, there is the line Natsu wa yoru, tsuki no koro wa sara nari. Celebrating the beauty of nature, it means something like “Summer nights have a special flavor. It goes without saying that moonlit nights are especially beautiful.” The book is written in archaic Japanese, but the word sara has meanings in contemporary Japanese as well: sara can mean “new,” and sara ni means “even more.”

• Menard Saranari incorporates the latest new advances in dermatological theory and ingredient research, giving users even more beautiful skin through skin care so that it goes without saying that their skin is extraordinarily beautiful. In the finest Japanese tradition of thorough and mindful care, with pleasant texture, built on cutting-edge technology, using only the most stringently selected ingredients, Saranari return the dermis its self to youthfulness and genuinely improves skin so that a woman’s true beauty can shine from within rather than relying on jewelry or clothing to shroud it.

Saranari - A skin care series of rich, pleasant-to-use products that endow the skin with a lustrous firmness. Elegant fragrance incorporating freshly blooming Casa Blanca lilies. Subtle, mild fragrance.
* Casa Blanca Extract [Lilium hybrid flower extract] (moisturizing ingredient)
* GLII Extract [Gynostemma pentaphyllu/Luffa cylindrica hybrid cell extract]
(moisturizing ingredient)
* soluble collagen
* hydrolyzed elastin
* hyaluronic acid [sodium hyaluronate] (all moisturizing ingredient)

Usage: in the evening


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