MENARD Colax Eye B 18g

Generously soaked with Beauness lotion, the mask increases the effectiveness of the lotion, making the skin less likely to become rough or pimply while softly moisturizing the epidermis

Longan Seed Extract: acts on the orbicularis oculi muscles to stimulate muscle cells and on fibroblasts to generate high-water holding hyaluronic acid.

Energy-Up Collagen: is a collagen that enhances the three functions of fibroblasts. Through treatment with special enzymes, it easily permeates the dermis and enhances the energy of deteriorated fibroblasts.Generates, bundles, and binds collagen.

Moist-stretch component: protects moisture (moist effect) and stretches wrinkles (stretch effect) to make them less visible.

Soluble collagen & activated collagen: make skin supple and moist.

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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