MENARD Authent II cream 50ml

Product Concept                              
A single cream product that works comprehensively.
Nestled deep in the skin is an unimaginable beauty brimming with suppleness.

Product features:                              
Contains Semi-Plena Rose Extract, Oil-Soluble Sweet Cherry Seed Extract, Boat Sterculia Seed Extract, Purple Barley Seed Extract (all moisturizing ingredients)
○ A dramatic experience from the moment the cream touches the skin. Leads to skin that feels supple and luminous as though brimming with sparkling light. Envelopes new skin in a cream veil to smooth texture.
○ Giving skin a brighter future as time passes. Delivers a moist, supple texture that gives makeup a beautiful finish and leads to fine-textured skin. Moisturizes and conditions for velvety skin of the eye area and mouth.
○ The feel of the completely new texture changes each second it permeates to become one with skin. The rich cream permeates the skin smoothly, fully blending as though melting away into the far reaches of skin.
○ Rose, orange flower, violet and other elegant essential oils*5 mingle with ambrette seed oil*6 to create a scent brimming with femininity.

About the name:
Derives from the word "authentic." The name was given to indicate the "cream that delivers actual benefits" on the aging process by working on the stem cells that are the origin of cells. Opening a new chapter in the history of cosmetics, the "II" name evokes an ongoing evolution entwined with future stem cell research.

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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