MEMO Russian Leather EDP 75ml

Fougere, frost, the call of the forest, lavandin, echo, large herds of reindeers, basil, no compass, pine needles, guided by the song of the thrush, running free, a carpet of rosemary, on the watch, clary sage, minus 48 degrees, courage, mint, ardour…

A caravan suddenly looms on the distant horizon, tonka bean, without sound, patchouli, sea of blue snow, place of ice, tall cedars, burning light, hand hovering knife, lichen, ever ready for a fight, wolf leather, pride, a Siberian smile on my face.

Key notes: fougere notes, basil, rosemary, clary sage, pine tree, lavandin, cedar, coriander, mint, patchouli, guaiac, cypress, tonka beans, nutmeg, leather

Olfactory group: leathery

Nose: Sophie Labbé

Creation date: 2016


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