M. MICALLEF 20 Years Travel Set EDP 30ml + Bath Set and Makeup Bag

For its 20th anniversary, the House of M. Micallef has chosen to reintroduce its prestigious “Les Exclusifs” perfume range. With its exceptionally shaped flacon it is a true heritage of the brand and an iconic signature of a French luxury product.

In the revisited edition, a very contemporary "20 years" is adorned with a stylish decor in warm, golden colors that enhance the very first avant-garde perfume of the House M.Micallef.
It is from this iconic bottle of the collection that comes a metamorphosis... The decor, like the bottle, changing... as the skin of a reptile sheds each year, so the packaging is adorned with a new outer cove.

After exploring romanticism, modernism, Martine Micallef is enhanced by a new spirit with an inspiration from far off places... Always the same desire to go further and excel... An invitation to travel through the another era of time...

This set contains 30ml EDP bottle and bath set - 4 products for hair and body, 47ml each. Everything is packed in beautiful makeup bag with pictures of M. Micallef's bottles embossed.

Top notes: bergamot, nutmeg, exotic fruit, white rose
Heart notes: davana, orange flower, transparent jasmine, geranium
Base notes: patchouli, caramel, vanilla, precious wood, white musk

Olfactory group: floral-oriental

Nose: Geoffrey Nejman, Jean-Claude Astier

Creation date: 2016


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