LA VALLÉE STX - Cells Precious Youth Concentrate Elixir 30ml

LA VALLÉE has created a global and powerful, new generation skin care line called STX-CELLS. This product line contains special ingredients obtained from plant stem cells, selected and optimized to work effectively to prevent and treat the process of skin aging.

LA VALLÉE has developed four products, using the latest technologies, in term of textures and important scientific researches to find the most efficient active ingredients. This targeted products work in synergy to provide to every woman from 25 to 65 years old a real answer to one of the major skin concern: death of epidermal stem cells.

This concentrate of active ingredients such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Flax Flower Extract and Cellintegrity has very strong virtues on deep wrinkles and expression lines reduction. It also helps to improve DNA protection and cellular longevity. The appearance of wrinkles is visibly diminished and fine lines repulped.



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