KILIAN Light my Fire EDP 50ml with Coffret

The concept and name of perfume comes from the Latin per fumare "through the smoke": LIGHT MY FIRE dissects the finest cigar tobacco, the olfactory pinnacle of a Monte Cristo.

LIGHT MY FIRE is a fragrance to stimulate both sexes. Defying tradition, Kilian Hennessy and Sidonie Lancesseur reject the sparkle of top notes to plunge with the recklessness of desire into the dark spiciness of tobacco leaf evoked by dry fragrant cumin, tedded hay, earthy patchouli and vetiver. The sweetness of fulfilment blossoms in wild honey melting into a warm base of vanilla, the almond tang of white heliotrope, creamy tonka and smoky birchwood.

Cigar leaves languorously unrolled & fantastically reconstructed to run smoke rings around the imagination, and the 'soft blue veil of the vapour musing on the loved one's face' to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling, Imperial poet and aficionado of smokes.

Addictive State of Mind:
An olfactive dependence, an essential narcotic, a means of escape, a craving. An overwhelming desire aroused and gratified by Kilian's new fragrance collection, leaving you in a daze of fulfilled stupefaction.
An obsessive luxurious withdrawal into your own secret world of dreams and fantasy, an artificial paradise of heightened sensations, brilliant colours and untamed beauty.
Dangerous thoughts, captivating scents, exquisite ingredients and oils. Perfume to light a fire in your blood and ignite fantasies in your mind. Intimate, exotic, spectacular: perfume to blow the mind.
Three scents - three smokes. Name your poison...

The bottle for ‘Addictive State of Mind’ is a harmony of black and silver: memories of charred wood, shimmering smoke. 'For now we see through a glass darkly': shadowy hints & opaque secrets contrast with the white and gold veneer that characterized the 'In The Garden of Good and Evil' collection.

The name of each fragrance is engraved on a white bronze plaque on the front of the bottle, while the cap is of zamac metal, gleaming with galvanized silver and engraved with the proud 'K' signature.

The box which holds this graceful flacon is one of the highlights of the entire Kilian oeuvre. Magnificently heavy and solid, this is a future heirloom based on the design of a classic vintage cigar box gracing a prestigious sideboard or elegant dining table.

Made of black veined wood & bronze - finished metal and finished with a stylized 'K' on the lid, this sumptuous lacquered casket is supremely tactile, balanced by the warmth of woods and the weighty opulence of cold metals.

Top notes: tobacco leaf
Heart notes: cumin, hay, patchouli, vetiver, honey
Base notes: vanilla, heliotrope, tonka bean, birchwood

Olfactory group: oriental-woody

Nose: Sidonie Lancesseur

Creation date: 2014


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