KILIAN Intoxicated EDP 50ml

No coffee tastes as good as it smells: but this sublime fragrance tantalizes the senses. Addicts crave a substance either as a prop against the harshness of life or to enhance its pleasures.

INTOXICATED is emphatically the latter.

Kilian Hennessy and Calice Becker conjure up the steam from an eggshell cup of rich viscous Turkish coffee laced with green cardamom in double strength - in oil and absolute - to glow as the opulent heart of the scent. Around this swells the warm spicy fragrance of hallucinogenic nutmeg & powdered cinnamon. At the base is the crystal sweetness of burned caramelized sugar.

Coffee so rich and strong it will hold a silver spoon upright. Coffee and scent both sensual and vigorous. Coffee as a stimulant, aphrodisiac and sleeping draught.

Addictive State of Mind:
An olfactive dependence, an essential narcotic, a means of escape, a craving. An overwhelming desire aroused and gratified by Kilian's new fragrance collection, leaving you in a daze of fulfilled stupefaction.
An obsessive luxurious withdrawal into your own secret world of dreams and fantasy, an artificial paradise of heightened sensations, brilliant colours and untamed beauty.
Dangerous thoughts, captivating scents, exquisite ingredients and oils. Perfume to light a fire in your blood and ignite fantasies in your mind. Intimate, exotic, spectacular: perfume to blow the mind.
Three scents - three smokes. Name your poison...

The bottle for ‘Addictive State of Mind’ is a harmony of black and silver: memories of charred wood, shimmering smoke. 'For now we see through a glass darkly': shadowy hints & opaque secrets contrast with the white and gold veneer that characterized the 'In The Garden of Good and Evil' collection.

The name of each fragrance is engraved on a white bronze plaque on the front of the bottle, while the cap is of zamac metal, gleaming with galvanized silver and engraved with the proud 'K' signature.

The box which holds this graceful flacon is one of the highlights of the entire Kilian oeuvre. Magnificently heavy and solid, this is a future heirloom based on the design of a classic vintage cigar box gracing a prestigious sideboard or elegant dining table.

Made of black veined wood & bronze - finished metal and finished with a stylized 'K' on the lid, this sumptuous lacquered casket is supremely tactile, balanced by the warmth of woods and the weighty opulence of cold metals.

Top notes: cardamom oil and absolute
Heart notes: nutmeg, cinnamon
Base notes: burned caramelized sugar

Olfactory group: oriental-woody

Nose: Calice Becker

Creation date: 2014


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