JOVOY Candle In nomine Patris 185g luxurious version with bell jar

The range is made of six candles: six atmospheres to compose as you wish.

The quality of the wax, of the 100% cotton wick, and of the smells used guaranty your candle a strong diffusion and a great persistence during about fifty hours.

Presented in their squared box or in the more luxurious version made of theatre-red hatboxes with exclusive bell jars, these candles are the refined and elegant touch to perfect your home.

In nomine Patris (In the name of the Father)
From the damp crypts and the hundred-years-old chapels rise swirls of incense smoke that elevate the spirit as well as the soul. The smell of cold, mossy stone, waxed wooden benches and delicate fumigations inviting to deep thoughts.



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