IL PROFVMO Caramella d'Amore EDP 100ml

An enduring love story

Caramella d’Amore is the latest creation by Silvana Casoli. Some fragrant nectars so perfectly embody emotions that they follow you throughout your life. Closeness. Intimacy. Suspended in time, this genuine love potion reflects the tender moments between a mother and her daughter.

Mothers and daughters share a multifaceted relationship. Passionate, complex, sometimes explosive, but always thoroughly genuine, and often difficult to condense into words. The nose of Il Profvmo created this smooth, gourmand fragrance, both sensual and childlike, for all women who want to express the unique bond between mother and daughter. Far from any cliché, this luscious, nuanced and mischievous perfume, off the beaten “scent,” is a gift from woman to woman. Not just for Mother’s Day, this talisman guards a special place in our olfactory memory. In inventing this “Love Candy,” Silvana Casoli had the subtle intention of creating a timeless symbol. This ode to sugary delights is a composition about sharing, pleasure and innocence. Doesn’t innocence immediately come to mind when we talk about lollipops and cotton candy?

Top notes: ground pistachio
Heart notes: cotton candy, caramelized walnut, popcorn
Base notes: white violet

Olfactory group: soft oriental

Nose: Silvana Casoli

Creation date: 2016


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