FRAME Made to Measure

FRAME offers an advanced platform which allows us to satisfy the needs of our customers, who can purchase, through our website or those of our distributors in various countries, both the three "standard" version kits and their own customized version, using a "made-to-measure" service dedicated to users with specific skin conditions or health problems (those with sensitive or extremely damaged skin; those of mixed race; those who have undergone gender reassignment or hormone therapy etc.).

This service involves the anonymous filling-in of an online questionnaire by the customer. Once this initial step has been completed, an electronic device called "D1 Skin Analyser" will be sent to the user; this device will be used to record further information to be sent to FRAME laboratories in order to complete the user?s purchase. This data, which is analyzed and processed by our experts, allows us to produce and send out a personalized kit with instructions to the customer in the space of a few days.

Once the end user has signed up, they can keep in touch with our specialists, who will assist them in their every step, season after season, continuing to monitor their progress over time. In addition to the complete standard kits, all individual creams, serums and devices are available for sale online and offline.

Link to download the questionaire.



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