CREED Iris Tubéreuse EDP 100ml

Tender and fresh like a kiss, deep and intoxicating like love, recognizable path if one has lived in the breathing of an elsewhere where all is light and rooting at once. Lily of the valley, lily, therefore royalty, since what good is it to be ghost if one was not originally flesh, lying among orange trees and violet leaves - and vanilla who loves carnal digressions. Iris tuberose bites the air at its surface and one chews its scent in the gardens - the eye offended by a diffuse eroticism spreading by a river - swirls drunk with heat and spins are preparing regardless of time the bottom of a beautiful story where everything is useless.
Iris Tubereuse is soft floral water.

This Eau de Parfum was designed in the same spirit and with the same care as our fragrances. Our research is exclusively dedicated to luxury.

The Eau de Parfum flask was designed as a sculpture with complex, refined and mesmerizing lines. It is composed of vertical convex facets refracting light. Its base with round cord, bright and sleek edges softens in slender lines leading to a beautiful neck with female curves. The perfume bottle is both extremely elegant and of a rare generosity by its content.
Its glass derives from French craftsmanship, made by master glassmakers from centuries old know-how. The sand used for the making of the glass comes from Fontainebleau royal lands giving it a rare diaphaneity, a burst that the comforting weight of the glass consolidates, guaranteeing its stability and preciousness.
The flask combines transparent glass, providing magnificent play of shade and light, a brass plate engraved in hollow on the body of the bottle to name the eau de parfum and a white cap, hexagonal diamond with a flattened tip welcoming the yellow brass plate engraved with the royal crown - symbol of the Creed perfume house - timeless promise evoking its prestigious clients among which were royal and imperial courts of Europe. Bewitching bottle of perfume attracting both men and women in a world serving beauty, originality, and elegance.

Created by Olivier Creed, bearing his signature and style, it calls for the discovery and encounter with the most finely worked Eau de Parfum. Assemblage of rare and natural perfume essences inspired from its creator olfactory universe. Marriage of scents of woods, flowers, sugar and spices of East and West, Ode to joy, nature, pure water, forests and glades.
The excellence of this Eau de Parfum range will surprise. Its mind both subtle and light, distinguished and sophisticated, as well as rare shows a taste for perfection, purity of know-how, that are to feature in each one of our creations: what we call luxury. This is a metamorphosis: the Eau de Parfum certainly qualifies for the epiteth ‘sublime’, spellbinding miracle that we invite you to discover.

Top notes: Galbanum, orange, violet leaves
Heart notes: Tuberose, lily of the valley, lily
Base notes: Musk, orange blossom, vanilla

Olfactory group: floral

Nose: Olivier Creed

Creation date: 2014


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