CLIVE CHRISTIAN XXI Amberwood perfume 50ml

Perfumes of Noble birth

Taking inspiration from eras of artistic, architectural and horticultural importance these perfumes take the wearer on an adventure of epic proportions through history. Focusing on a key ingredient and theme of each era, these perfumes are of truly noble birth. Celebrating the opulence and ideology of these prominent eras capturing ingredients and aesthetics to perfectly shape each perfume’s scent, promising magic and allure in equal measure. This collection carries a 25% perfume oil concentration and a high complexity of the world’s finest perfumery ingredients.

XXI ART DECO - An opulent and modern design aesthetic

Emerging just before the First World War in Paris, Art Deco (short for ‘Arts Decoratifs’) raised the style of art, architecture and even utilitarian household items into the modern day with bold,
exuberant flair.

Materials such as chrome and stainless steel epitomise the trend for greater progress, wrapped in joyful colour palette. Decorative embellishments show inspiration from ancient cultures, exoticism and folk art with a modern twist. Using a combination of precious and high-tech materials. Soft curves and flourishes gave way to striking structure and geometric lines, a style that has become synonymous with a lavish and decadent lifestyle.

Bold and energetic in style the Art Deco era is symbolic of the sparkling decadence captured in this brilliant perfume pair.

This pair, inspired by amber, celebrate one of the eras most precious materials and colours. These perfumes bring to life the energy, grandeur and artistry of the era through this precious jewel like ingredient. A romantic and dynamic story of the Art Deco period is bought to life in pure perfume pleasure.

Amberwood explores the pure form of an ambergris style, inspired by the trees from which the amber resin weeps from. A versatile perfume capturing the fluidity of the era sparked with angelica, bergamot and pink pepper to add lightness and frivolity.

Concentration: 25%
Complexity: 145 ingredients

Top Notes: Sage Oil & signature Sage captive molecule, Bergamot Calabria, Pink Pepper, Angelica seed oil
Heart Notes: Sclarene, Patchouli, Timberwood, Helvetolide (captive musk), Tobacco
Base Notes: Ambrox, Sage Absolute, Tonka, Cypriol, Vanilla, Cashmere wood, Muscenone, Orris, Labdanum, Oud

Olfactory group: oriental-woody

Creation date: 2022


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