CLIVE CHRISTIAN Private Collection E Feminine perfume 50ml

A striking collection of new and newly perfected perfumes that celebrate the extraordinary moments of a life’s work brought to vivid, fragrant life. Drawing on the inspirations and encounters that have permeated Clive Christian’s world — from infancy to royal recognition — the collection marries the illustrious heritage of a revered perfume house and its propensity for skilled artistry, with a modern sensibility led by Clive Christian’s very own experiences and influences.

The resulting collection is a perfumed interpretation that feels contemporary, fresh and thoroughly befitting of today’s fragrance tastes, whilst keeping true to both the complex concentrations and high quality ingredients that Clive Christian Perfume is known for. Providing an intimate glimpse inside a world where creativity, craftsmanship and a love of luxury is king, The Private Collection is a homage to the life of a true curator.

Utterly elegant and of deep historical significance, the Illuminated letters in The Private Collection were chosen as a nod to the graphical designs found Clive Christian’s OBE, an honour given in recognition of his services to British luxury design.

The E collection was the inspired by the opulent interior of Buckingham Palace as glimpsed by Clive when he was inducted into the honours list; it also captures his immense sense of pride on the occasion. While E Green Fougere is made luminous with the fresh outdoorsy notes of rose, lavender and narcissus, E Gourmande Oriental has a resinous amber base and uses of rum, labdanum and maple.

Top notes: bergamot, pineapple, lime
Heart notes: cypress, lavender, rose, narcissus, orris, coliander, hyssop, acacia, helichrysum, fir balsam
Base notes: oak moss, sandalwood, melilot (clover), cardamom, vetiver

Olfactory group: green

Creation date: 2017


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