BOND NO. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory EDP 100ml

Warhol once made mention of a company that was “interested in buying his aura.” Here it is, in liquid form. Depicted on the bottle is a bold rendition of one of the artist’s most recognizable works, the Campbell’s Soup Can. Soup? Perfume? Both smell sweet to us. Not to mention smooth, smoky, spicy and of ambiguous male-female gender.
“Another way to take up more space is with perfume. I really love wearing perfume.” — Andy Warhol

Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, lavender
Heart notes: violet, incense, jasmin, iris
Base notes: amber, resin, ceder wood

Olfactory group: soft oriental

Nose: Aurelien Guichard

Creation date: 2007


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