BELLEFONTAINE Revitalizing Tonic Lotion 150ml

An essential care for sensitive, delicate and intolerant skins, this serum encourages the disappearance of imperfections in skins subject to redness and other cutaneous problems. Formulated with ingredients selected for their soothing, moisturizing and emollient properties, it immediately procures softness and suppleness, relieving sensations of discomfort. The skin regains its tonus and comfort, as well as a healthy, vigorous appearance. Suitable for all skin types. Especially for oily and sensitive skin.

The essential oil of German camomile, bisabolol, has anti-inflammatory and softening properties. Laminaria saccharina algae extract or Sacchlamine, helps fight against bacterial proliferation, favors tissue repairing, and normalizes the sebaceous secretion flow.

Soothe and Condition
Carrageenan or red algae has soothing, moisturizing, and restructuring properties. It forms a thin layer of film, which protects the surface of the skin. Edelweiss extract contains emollientand soothing properties. With its high concentration in flavonoids it fights against the activityof free radicals. Soothing agents, which contain extracts of butcher’s broom, centella asiatica and hydrolysed yeast proteins act together to reduce redness by reinforcing the capillary walls. They calm irritation and feelings of discomfort, which is typical for sensitive skin. It has also been shown to diminish dark circles under the eye area. Algacalm has been shown to have a calming effect, which decreases the activity of sensitive and irritable skins.

Sodium Hyaluronate, an intensive hydrating agent, provides the skin with 500 times it moisture retaining capabilities. Instantly restores and protects the skin’s moisture balance to dehydrated skin. Helps to minimize enlarged pores, granting elasticity and suppleness. Caprylyl glycol has strong moisturizing and film forming properties, which prevents moisture loss from the skin’s epidermis. Saccharide isomerate is a soothing agent, which possesses superior water retaining properties. It thus reduces dryness and smoothes rough skin.

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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