BELLEFONTAINE Revitalizing Eye Cream 15ml

Dark circles, puffy eyes, skin on the area around the eye is dull. Visible small and deep wrinkles around the eye. Skin is not enough protected.

- Dark circles and puffy eyes need to be minimized
- Wrinkles needs to be smoothed out
- Skin needs protection against external factors
- Fast absorbing texture
- Invisible wear

Smooth cream gel formula. Fights against puffiness, dark circles, smoothes out the wrinkles, for a brighter look. Action in the deeper layer of the epidermis with entrapped lipophilic actives & soluble hydrophilic actives.

- Edelgen, Golden Seaweed
- Eye Care Complex: Ash bark Extract, Vitamin B3
- Soothing Booster: Pro-vitamin B5 (= Panthenol)
- Anti-Aging Booster: Sea Holly Stem Cells
- Anti-Oxidant Booster: Vitamin E, Organic White Genepi Extract

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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