BELLEFONTAINE Repairing Nutritive Night Cream 50ml

An essential nourishing night care for all skin types. Contains an exclusive cocktail of ingredients with moisturizing, invigorating and energising virtues that help tone down the visible signs of skin ageing, protects the natural cutaneous balance and actively fights the free radicals generated by sun rays, stress, climatic and polluting agents. Confers velvetiness and comfort to the skin while restoring its beauty and illuminating the complexion. Suitable for all skin types.

Contains the highest grade Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil, which instantly diminishes the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, and smoothes away and prevents wrinkles. Nourishes and softens the skin, boosts the cell renewal process and combats the skin aging process. Renews tired, aged skin cells and soothes sensitive skin. Improves and maintains overall skin condition.

Instant Absorption/Moisturize
Contains a unique blend of natural botanicals and essential nutrients, skin is instantly revitalized and radiant. Biosaccharide Gum-1 is quickly absorbed, which penetrates the inner layers of the skin’s epidermis to nourish, soften, and hydrate. It forms a natural barrier on the surface of the skin to maintain moisture.

Barrier Function
Protects the skin against the damaging effects of UVA/UVB sunlight and the aggressions of the environment. Especially suitable for dry, dehydrated, and dull skin. Boosts the cell rejuvenation process and combats skin aging process. Helps revitalize the skin tone and texture.

Superior Hydration
Sodium Hyaluronate, an intensive hydrating agent, provides the skin with 500 times its moisture retaining capabilities. Instantly restores and protects the skin’s moisture balance to dehydrated skin. Helps to minimize enlarged pores, granting elasticity and suppleness.

Usage: in the evening


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