BELLEFONTAINE Purifying Beauty Essence 2*15ml

• For unbalanced and combination to oily mature skin
• Micro-gel texture for a quicker penetration of the active ingredients
• Anti-aging complex: Edelgen, Vitamin A - NEW, iris florentina extract - NEW
• Purifying complex: citrus peel oil - NEW, orange peel oil - NEW, laminaria saccharina, salicylic acid
• Regulates oil excess, immediately mattifies und unifies the complexion
• Removes impurities and helps to protect it from further oxidative stress
• Renews the skin texture
• Ensures efficient anti-aging action, helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin resilience.

• An Exclusive Blendof Active Ingredients - EDELGEN® Complex: Edelweiss Extract, also called Star of snows, Edelweiss is a highly resistant flower. Subjected to rude climate at high altitude with extreme temperatures, it has adapted to its environment and developed strong natural defences to protect itself against UV rays. Bellefontaine's Edelweiss Extract is obtained from plants grown in Central Switzerland
• Butcher's broom extract
• Centella asiatica extract
• Calendula extract
• Horse chestnut extract
• Provitamin B5
• Hydrolized yeast proteins
• Ammonium glycyrrhizate
• Iris florentina: Rich in isoflavones. It helps to fortify the skin by fighting against the degradation of collagen and elastin.It helps to boost hydration, and elasticity for an overall improvement.
• Retinyl Palmitate: Known as vitamin A, stimulates Collagen, Elastin and Glycoaminoglycans production, reinforces skin firmness and elasticity.
• Laminaria saccharina, or royal sugar synthesizes specific molecules in order to protect itself from sea snails, which releases enzymes on its surface to digest the algae. The botanical active has been developed based on this defense-mechanism. It inhibits lipase activity of bacterias, which usually transform sebum into oxidized free fatty acids, leading the skin to be irritated and to over react. Laminaria Saccharinahas also soothing properties to acne prone skin, regulates sebum excess and mattifies greasy skin. It is also able to restore physiological balance and provide a complementary detoxifying effect on the skin.

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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