BELLEFONTAINE Fresh Clarifying Foaming Gel 150ml

A soft and melting gel for in-depth cleansing of combination and oily skin. Contains revitalizing and moistening ingredients that exert a gently action on even the most delicate skin. Rapidly eliminates impurities, make-up and excess sebum without drying out the epidermis. It leaves the skin soft, perfectly purified and with a pleasant feeling of well-being. Suitable for combination and oily skin.

Cleanse Thoroughly
Rids the skin of excess sebum and exfoliates dead skin cells. Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant that prevents the damage of skin cells and promotes healthy cellular activity. It is crucial to maintain properly cleansed skin to avoid excess sebum buildup to inhibit future breakouts.

Balance/Retain Moisture
Glycerin provides the skin with superior hydrating capability while thoroughly cleansing it. It also maintains skin’s healthy protective shield, which leaves skin nourished, soft, and supple.

Excellent Protection
Contains multiple natural plant extracts that fight free radical damage. Soothe, soften, and anti-aging, they regulate sebum production to avoid excess shine, restores radiance to dull skin for an even and refined complexion.

Anti-Bacterial / Inflammation
Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract helps decrease inflammation. Soothes, stabilizes, and softens the skin. Potent in Amadorine, it promotes cellular activity and rejuvenation, thus increases metabolism.

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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