BELLEFONTAINE Energizing Lift Serum 30ml

Skin is dull, visible small and deep wrinkles, skin is not enough protected.

- Skin needs to find back a bright and healthy complexion
- Skin needs to be re-energized
- Wrinkles needs to be smoothed out
- Skin needs protection against external factors
- Fast absorbing texture
- Invisible wear

Jelly-cream formula with cooling effect. Energizing and tonifying action.
Lifting action on the skin surface combined to in-depth properties of the actives. Mattifies and regulates sebum excess, for a brighter complexion and youthful look.

- Edelgen, Golden Seaweed
- Anti-Aging Boosters: Amino-acids blend, Vitamin A, Sea Holly Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid
- Soothing Boosters: Pro-vitamin B5 (= Panthenol), St John’s Wort Extract
- Energizing Boosters: Chrono-Energizing oligo-elements blend & coffein
- Detoxifying Booster: Green Micro Algae peptide
- Anti-Oxidant Booster: Vitamin E

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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