AMOUAGE Overture Woman EDP 100ml

In opera, the Overture is an instrumental opening setting the mood before the curtain rises and the singers enter on stage.
It already involves the listener in a premonition of what is to come. The eye has to wait until the curtain goes up, whereas the ear has already perceived the nature of the drama.

Overture Woman tells the story of a majestic young lady wearing a gown with a structured pearls and beads-embellished harness, erupting into a froth of hundreds of layers of silk organza. Her arms swathed in long, dramatic, greige leather gloves completing her dreamy gown.

She had to jump in on a few hours' notice for the ailing principal; the opportunity of a lifetime. The opera house is packed, the lights dim as she hears applause greeting the conductor who enters the pit. The orchestra begins playing the Overture, setting the mood before the curtain rises and she enters on stage.

She won’t shy away from the weight of the very high-profile role she's inherited.

Overture Man and Woman are tasteful, rich multifaceted woody fragrances.
The fragrances each open with a clear and assumed aromatic and vibrant boozy whiff. The feeling is realistic and the brandy shines as it reveals its bitingness. The booziness is strongest upon the perfumes opening and it gradually settles in as it reaches the drydown, never fully disappearing, and leaving pleasant traces well into the final stages of the evolution.

A rather classic resinous floral heart is the seconds ignificant component to Overture Man and Woman. It brings a substantial comforting naturalnes to the opening and also adds a soft resinous coating to the base, rounding the edges of the woods just abitandreally adding to the overall comfortable feeling o fthecreations.

Finally, the smoky and woody base of the fragrances: full-bodied with substantial presence, the woods are reminiscent of high quality heavy furniture or the inside of a wooden brandy distillery cask once emptied of its contents and left to dry. Smoke plays an important role in Overture: it accents the wood, providing it with character and dimension, but never overpowering it.

Overture Man and Woman are elegant fragrances that are solid and fully present, but not of the loud, attention-seeking variety.

Top notes: CALVADOS brandy variety (apples distillation), Bergamot, Saffron
Heart notes: Geranium, Benzoin, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Rose Centifolia
Base notes: Frankincense, Pyrogenic Incense, Ciste Labdanum & Leather Vitessence

Olfactory group: oriental-woody

Nose: Annick Menardo

Creation date: 2020


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