Introducing a new stratum of craftship and ingenuity, Amouage’s Library Collection is a poetic homage to an olfactory exploration. Formed to celebrate the unexpected and to express the mastery within perfume creation as true oeuvres, the Collection comprises of nine fragrances, each one a numbered Opus.

The theme of Opus IX is love, death and redemption in the 1958’s Lisbon
production of La Traviata featuring Maria Callas. To express the theme of love, death and redemption we play with textures of opulent floral spectrum combined with the carnal desire of the animalic and leather notes.
The camellia has no scent. We have to recreate the camellia as an accord.

Top notes: Camellia Accord, Black Pepper, Jasmine
Heart notes: Gaiac Wood, Beeswax, Leather
Base notes: Grey Amber, Vetiver, Civet

Olfactory group: floral-woody

Nose: Pierre Negrin, Christopher Chong

Creation date: 2015


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