777 Oumma EDP 50ml

«A mastery of contrasts at the service of agarwood»

Shiny silver metallic bottle, embossed letters and logos, silver cap, small faceted white diamond Swarovski crystal placed on the crown.

The perfume
The truest scent of oud, it is a highly subtle, delicate perfume. A refined, almost powdery oud. Its name refers to the Muslim community across the world. Exquisitely finished with three types of roses: Rose from Morocco, Grasse and Bulgaria.

Top notes: Egyptian jasmine, Moroccan rose
Heart notes: balsam tolu, balsam peru
Base notes: ashes of cade, Burmese oud, nagarmotha

Olfactory group: oriental-woody

Nose: Stèphane Humbert Lucas

Creation date: 2013


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