777 Mortal Skin EDP 50ml

«Sensation to touch an exotic, hot and cool snake, a phantasmagorical smell»

1st act
The perfume, languid and colourful, hypnotizes me
I am facing two eyes that desire me
Leafy coolness, fruits, magic of the encounter
The seduction complies

2nd act
The perfume rises up and paralyses me
The fangs ooze, wanting to sink into me
Throbbing heat mixes with blue cold, I think I am bitten
Sandalwood, tequila, intoxication

3rd act
Bestiality, brutality, journey
The perfume smells of hot ash
Life slips away
It not knows that all is beautiful

Top notes: blackberry, black ink, galbanum, incense, cistus essence
Heart notes: opoponax, powdery iris, saffron, davana, myrrh, cardamom
Base notes: grey amber, hot styrax, sandalwood, labdanum, civet, atlas cedar, birch, musks

Olfactory group: oriental-woody

Nose: Stèphane Humbert Lucas

Creation date: 2015


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