WILGERMAIN Aquafortis EDP 100ml

“I can say I am the child of a citrus tree! Growing up in Mexico, my bedroom's window would overlook a courtyard where, still today, a lemon tree and a bitter orange tree thrive.

As an inventor of fragrances, I feel very comfortable working with citrus notes. I understand them profoundly, and they make my soul happy. So for this composition, I wanted to express my deep love for citrus through an extremely intricate top note that can be described as an anamorphosis of hesperidic notes: the spike of lemons, the elegance of bergamots, the sweetness of oranges, the floral notes of mandarins, the frutiness of tangerines, all together working in unison.

Also, I always perceive a hint of iris notes (irones) in certain kinds of Mediterranean oranges, so that thought took me to anchor this scent with "the real deal": ultra pure iris absolute from Florence, bolstered with the best quality of vetyvert essence. This scent has become one I wear very frequently. I hope you become an addict as well!"

The ultimate freshness, transportive, joyful and explosive, delivered through top-shelf quality citrus essences and just a naughty little smidge of iris and vetiver. 

Top notes: Buddha's hand lemon essence India *, Petitgrain lemon tree essence Italy, Bergamot essence "Coeur" Calabria *
Heart notes: Sambac absolute India, Tangerine tree flower Scenttrek *, Lavender absolute France
Base notes: Vetiver Coeur essence *, Zedoary essence India, Iris absolute Tuscany "notre production" *

Olfactory group: citrus

Nose: Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Creation date: 2020


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