NABUCCO Gamma, Phi, Lambda Parfum Fin 5ml

The secret revealed...
Since the dawn of time, the secret has been the ideal vessel for happiness. Nabucco has slipped through to the other side of the looking glass, where women and men alike tuck away what is most sacred between them. By observing and following rituals, we have captured the essence of this secret, which sparks closeness between beings to create ΓΦΛ Parfum Fin.
On a fine line that is as masculine as it is feminine, this olfactory opus breaks all rules of convergence and is adept at outwitting propriety.

Parfum fin - this appellation has been created exclusively by the Nabucco brand. It is the contemporary version of a long-lost, introspective perfume. This alcohol-free label guarantees the highest concentration of perfume oils.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Rose, Green Mandarin
Heart notes: Star Anise, Incense, Precious Wood, Violet
Base notes: Moss, Fenugreek, Leather, Amber

Olfactory group: floral-oriental

Creation date: 2014


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