T. LECLERC Lip and Cheek Wear 02 Paprika

Doubly useful

“Light and perfect”, just like the motto of a chic traveller. This was T.LeClerc’s inspiration for this 2-in-1 blusher. The ideal product for anyone who moves in style.
Its powdered creamy texture and matte finish make this blusher-lipstick the essential accessory for all women today. In its to-go case, it comes in three red-pink variations.
Its silicone and clay base allows for application on both the lips and the cheeks, and it contains purslane extract (portulaca pilosa) and a coconut fatty acid derivative. A convenient and wonderfully sensual creation.

Some advice from Eduardo
“What a joy to create a healthy glow with this 2-in-1 product! Use the index to pat the blusher on the lips for a just-bitten lip effect and then lightly apply the excess to the top of the cheekbone.”



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