PUREDISTANCE Antonia perfume extrait 60ml

Created by Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian in New York, Puredistance Antonia is a highly original green floral with a great lushness and warmth of heart, but at the same time pillowy and gentle as can be.

Key in the creation of Antonia is the image of a strong, positive, but at the same time gentle woman. The perfume is neither modern, nor old-fashioned. Puredistance Antonia is a
timeless perfume with a feel of innocence, yet feminine and confident.

She grabs you with gentleness and faithfully stays with you, tenacious, but never overwhelming. She dances with graceful ease in a harmonious balance struck between the crisp, verdant optimism of galbanum top notes and the smooth, creamy sensuality of vanilla in the dry-down.

Jasmine, Rose Essence, Ylang Ylang, Orris, Ivy green, Galbanum, Vanilla, Vetiver

Olfactory group: floral

Nose: Annie Buzantian

Creation date: 2010


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