PERRIS MONTE CARLO Cedro di Diamante EDP 100ml

After travelling the world hunting for raw materials, the inspiration for this years newest collection takes place in the enamouring country of Italy.

The assortment of three will highlight the array of citrus fruits found in Capua – the top creator of citrus essential oils since 1880. Gian Luca Perris the creative Director for Perris Monte Carlo was enthused with their mingling of innovative and traditional extraction methods.

The triad collection will pay tribute and highlight the citrus fruit family found in Italy – by capturing the warmth of the sun rays and natural attributes of the heart, while accentuating the natural characteristics of the citrus with hints of cedar, mandarin and bergamot.

Capua based in Southern Italy combines tradition and the new ‘new’ of extraction that eliminates furocumarins (photo sensitive molecules that have compromised the use of these essential oils) and phthalates (arising from harvesting tools) with added frozen temperatures ( -20C) and through molecular evaporators to ensure the integrity and purity of the essential oil.

The Diamante citron (Citrus medica var. vulgaris[1] or cv. diamante[2] − Italian: cedro di diamante) is a variety of citron named after the town of Diamante, located in the province of Cosenza, Calabria, on the south-western coast of Italy, which is its most known cultivation point.

The diamante citron fruit is the most celebrated citrus in Calabria by well known poets such as Byron and D’Annunzio.
The Cedro Di Diamante has a unique quality of being a non acidic citrus that is fresh and sweet often used for culinary purposes.

At one point in the 80s almost abandoned by perfumers for its highly illicit content of furocumarins. With the innovative abstraction technology, the oil is now extracted without furocumarins and bans were lifted.

The prized citrus essence is infused with a mix of florals and spices, rounding off in the end with iris and musk to present effervescent layers of aroma. The brightness and freshness of the scent will linger and light up any of those around you with the sparkling zesty note.

Top notes: cedar Capua, lime, lemon, verbena CO2
Heart notes: baies rose CO3, fresh ginger, cardamom, Sichuan pepper
Base notes: iris, oakmoss, musk

Olfactory group: citrus-aromatic (citrus-fougère)

Nose: Luca Maffei

Creation date: 2018


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