NATURA BISSE Inhibit Retinol Eye Lift 15ml

Inspired by non-invasive cosmetic solutions, this intensive night treatment helps relax facial contractions, which cause expression lines. Formulated with advanced peptide and retinol, this fluid helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and provides a noticeably lifting effect on the upper eyelid.

Apply every night after your facial or eye contour serum and before your regular cream. Following the diagrams, gently massage using the ceramic applicator to achieve different benefits.
• Ergonomic: It perfectly adapts to the eye contour area, allowing you to perform different kinds of massages effortlessly (including upper eyelid massage).
• Precise: Allows for a more precise application, since it doses the right amount (while preventing waste and making the product last longer).
• Effective: The ceramic applicator material provides a light cooling sensation that helps decongest the eye contour area.
1. Apply a small amount of product onto 4 points.
Spread the product around the entire lower eye contour with a long, gentle massage to reduce the signs of sagging.
3. FOR A LIFTING EFFECT: Massage from the tear duct around the lower part of the eye contour, up to the eyebrows and around the upper eyelid, then work in the opposite direction. Massage the lower eyelid using long, gentle sweeping movements, horizontally.
4. TO MITIGATE SIGNS OF TIREDNESS: Massage from the tear duct around the lower eye contour, up to the beginning of the eyebrows and across the upper eyelid using a circular motion. Continue using a wave motion in the same direction. Repeat.
5. TO SMOOTH WRINKLES: Work on the bed of the wrinkle, holding your skin between your fingers; make small circular motions with the applicator.
TO BOOST THE RESULTS: Perform step 3 at least twice, once with the applicator and then with your fingers.

Usage: in the evening


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