NATURA BISSE DWL Warming Gel 150ml

Some Like it Hot
A mug of tea. A cashmere throw. A fireplace glowing at your feet. Sometimes you just need that feeling of warmth. Localized heat melts away stress from physical exertion to make your body feel relaxed, limber and at ease.
Formulated with a thermoactive ingredient, this gel stimulates your skin to invigorate warmth and wellness.
Relief is now within your grasp.

Comfort and Care for Body and Soul
- Provides a sensation of warmth that helps to relax body tension or discomfort.
- Ideal as a warm-up supplement before physical activity.
- Great at targeting specific areas.
- Delicate spicy fragrance to raise your spirits.
- Light texture for instant absorption.
- More than 90% ingredients of natural origin (according to ISO 16128).
- Vegan friendly.

Our innovative thermoactive ingredient, Thermal Booster, provides a warming sensation to restore comfort and well-being to your body.

Essential oils of ginger, turmeric and cinnamon— known as “warming” ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda— help stimulate the skin to create a localized warming effect.

Arnica, a plant sourced from the mountains of France, helps soothe skin discomfort.



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